The Life House

Children are obviously important to us; the fact that a child may not be born yet in no way lessens his or her importance to us or to God.  In view of the great need for ministry to young (usually teen age), unwed mothers-to-be, we have a program we call the "Life House".  Through the years, numerous babies and their mothers have been helped by this part of the Pinehaven ministry.

In this area of service, we have four main objectives:

bulletTo give pregnant girls an alternative to abortion by providing loving prenatal care in a Christian residential setting, and supporting them through the delivery of their babies.
bulletTo give Christian counseling on parenting or adoption, and providing an avenue for those choosing adoption to find Christian adoptive parents.
bulletTo provide a continuing living situation for both mother and baby when parenting is their choice, and they still need a place to live so the mother can finish her high school or GED requirements.
bulletTo lead those in our care to a closer walk with God.

Several babies have been born through this ministry to girls who would otherwise have had an abortion.  Some babies have been placed into Christian homes through adoption.  In every case, these young ladies and their babies have been given hope for a better life.  Thanks be to God and to all the people who have reached out generously to make this possible.

Just two of the babies that have been a part of the Life House.