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Houseparents are the life-blood of our ministry. It’s a huge commitment that pays eternal dividends. Pinehaven houseparents are couples, in a solid relationship, who reside in provided housing with boys and girls who need a wholesome family life. With the exception of time off, these kingdom workers operate much the same as real parents in a ranch atmosphere. Creating a home atmosphere, teaching the kids God’s ways and desires for their lives, passing on skills, and doing the chores that make a ranch possible are all part of the job description. A training period is followed by a trial period of 6–18 months as relief houseparents who take a house of students into their Pinehaven home during time off for the full-time houseparents.

The couple lives at one of our houses that accommodates 6 boys and 6 girls in separate wings. Everyone participates in cooking, laundry, and house chores. It’s where the kids learn to be a part of a family and put others first.

Our houseparents are the front-line workers who will have the most opportunity to influence dozens of souls who come from troubled backgrounds. One houseparent couple recently said they have had the opportunity to impact well over 40 young lives for Christ in their time at Pinehaven. How many Christians can say that?


Teachers are always needed at Pinehaven. We are helping these students catch up and finish their high school education for a diploma that will help them succeed in life. Our school is on site with teachers overseeing a classroom of 8–12 students who are working at their own pace through a curriculum consistent with Montana’s credit guidelines. We are limited in how many children we can help by how much room we have in our school.

Teacher couples are preferred but we know this isn’t always possible. The most difficult teachers to find are high school teachers in the core subjects like math and science.


Our workers are considered ministers of the church as Pinehaven is an adjunct outreach ministry of the First Christian Church of Saint Ignatius. Houseparents and teachers are provided housing and utilities, a health insurance policy or compensation, salary, some food resources, and usually a ranch vehicle depending on job responsibilities. Their support is raised by ranch administration.

Pinehaven’s board and administration cannot praise these workers enough for their work furthering the kingdom! These are the most amazing people in the world! Are you one of these workers?


Pinehaven is looking for houseparents and teachers who are solid in their relationship with Christ and the biblical doctrine consistent with the interpretations of the First Christian Church of Saint Ignatius (as workers in this ministry are considered ministers of the church).

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